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Our mediators focus on techniques to assist the parties to reach their own decisions. Our mediators to understand that their role is to advise the parties on ‘how’ to choose, not ‘what’ to choose. A choice is, in and of itself, a negotiation between many moving parts. We assist the parties to find the choices that makes sense, fulfills needs and to interconnect positively with the choices of others who will be impacted by change.


International Divorce

International divorce is a highly specialized field of law and requires both experience and contacts in overseas governments and law. Our global team of experienced attorneys act effectively and decisively to resolve all international divorce issues including child custody and complex financial matters.


Caroline Langley,

Esq. – of Counsel

Caroline Langley, Esq. – of Counsel
Caroline Langley has achieved the highest accolades in international family law though her diverse practice in three jurisdictions: England & Wales, the United States and Hong Kong. She is committed to finding solutions to bring together families who are a world apart. Global divorce brings with it a myriad of issues from custody to intricate financial matters which Caroline successfully resolves by optimizing her extensive knowledge and international network. Her cases have spanned the world, ranging from Europe, South Africa, North America, South American, Canada to Asia. Her goal is to provide successful results while creating an environment of accountability, trust and respect.

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