• Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

    Hantman & Associates recognizes the frustrations and expense of litigation and marshals all of its resources to assist the client in avoiding litigation and seeking alternative avenues of dispute resolution. However, when required, the firm stands ready to litigate aggressively, vigorously, and professionally on behalf of our clients.

  • Fashion, Entertainment & Sports

    Hantman & Associate is particularly knowledgeable and experienced in the legal and contractual problems that face the fashion industry, particularly as it involves modeling agencies, such as IMG, New York Models, LA Models, APM, Karins, Visages, Vue Photos Reps, Art Department, and Oliver Piro.

  • Crisis Management

    Hantman & Associates recognizes that often a client's problem not only involves but transcends legal issues and that an effective coordinated effort to obtain a result may often involve an association with investigative firms involving former NAVY SEALS, FBI, DEA, CIA and Law Enforcement Personnel, as well as Public Relation Firms.

  • Corporate / Law

    Hantman & Associates recognizes the importance of avoiding litigation and protecting the business and legal rights of its clients. The first step is through the preparation of contracts and corporate documents that are clear and concise coupled with the experience and knowledge to properly advise clients.

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Hantman & Associates, a New York based law firm with affiliated offices in California1, Florida2 and New Jersey, is a dynamic and aggressive law firm that is devoted to providing our clients the best personalized legal services at competitive rates.

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Hantman & Associates is a dynamic and aggressive firm that is oriented and devoted to providing the best personalized legal services at competitive rates. Our integrity demands that you, the client get the BEST legal representation. Our firm understands and appreciates client concerns over delays in our legal system and the skyrocketing legal costs. In this regard, we encourage our clients to take an active role in all of our efforts in order to control costs and contribute to more favorable results.


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